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Grab a layout pack or have one custom made. We build mobile sites for individuals and developers.

Best font size for mobile devices

A lot of questions come in from people trying to get the text on their mobile site to look just right. Divi makes this really easy for end users because of the appearance controls for varying devices.  Lets get right to the point; a font size of 16 is best all around...

Who We Are

We are Resource Mobility. Mostly this site is because of Joe Styer. He has been with us for almost 9 years and is a pioneer in the mobile website arena. Users access sites from multiple devices and screen sizes. Divi responsive is an awesome theme for WordPress and although it is responsive, the landing page still needs to be a true mobile site. End user interaction on a true mobile site is what people need. We offer our services to single users and developers in a professional way with proven results.

Why Choose Us

Creating a page called Mobile or simply adding a section for mobile is all you need to do. A true mobile site will give mobile users a great experience. Divi really is a great solution for creating a mobile solution that delivers on all fronts. We provide mobile solutions for both developers and individuals.

Why Mobile?

Responsive is key with the varied sizes of desktop, laptop, and tablet screens. In most cases, however, repsonsive is not the key for mobile devices. Studies show and prove that people visiting from a mobile device are only looking for a few things such as hours, contacts, location, and an about. Mobile sites should offer everything people look for. What people are looking for, however, is not everything that is on your full site’s homepage. Mobile solutions vary by the type of company or service you offer. We have the experience and analytics to provide you with a successful product.


Proven Results

Mobile Elements

What Solution?

Our Team

Joe Styer

Joe Styer

Owner, Web Consultant

Kimberly Styer

Kimberly Styer

Graphic Design, Web Development

Phill Hagan

Phill Hagan

Server, Scripts, Code

Our History

The Reasons

In an early 2010 ITU (International Telecommunication Union) report said that with the current growth rates, web access by people on the go — via laptops and smart mobile devices – is likely to exceed web access from desktop computers within the next five years.[1] In January 2014 the time of mobile access to the internet exceeded desktop use in the USA.

The Beginning

Keep in mind that was in 2010. Three years prior in 2007, Joe created a mobile website that was called In 2008, two years prior to the ITU report, tech blogs from several countries wrote about The site was not much more than a WAP Mobile site directory that consisted of mobile sites by category. In 2008 the site listed over 300 mobile sites and eventually grew to over 500 mobile sites.

The Now

Joe continues to develop and consult with companies for both full and mobile website needs, but his passion is mobile sites.