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The Divi Mobile Solution


Yes Responsive is key with the varied sizes of desktop, laptop and tablet screens. In most cases Responsive is not the key for mobile devices.

Mobile Elements

Mobile sites should offer everything people look for when mobile. What people are looking for however is not everything that is on your homepage.

Proven Results

Studies show and prove that people visiting from a mobile device are looking for just a few things. Hours, Location, About and Contact are a few.

What Solution?

Mobile solutions vary by the type of company or service you offer. We have the experience and analytics to provide you with a successful product.

Google OK with this Solution?

Yes they are. More importantly though is providing the mobile user with exactly what they are looking for, instead of hunting for it. Google studies show you have around 5 seconds for the user to load a page. The study also found that 96% of consumers have encountered sites that weren’t designed with mobile in mind. It also found that when it happens, it can be bad for business — 48% reported feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Annoyed? Why? This is because what mobile users are looking for when they visit your site. Mobile users are looking for specific things while on the go.

Directions, Open Hours, Dress Code, Food Menu, Current Specials, Tap to Call, Social Media and Contact Us will cover most of what they are looking for. Hard to provide just that when you have a responsive site loading homepage content and a menu that offers 15 more pages.

Divi Delivers

Creating a page called Mobile and using the blank template is all you need to do. You can also import our JSON files and still use you homepage. Add the sections from our Mobile JSON file and hide your main content from mobile and show our template on mobile only. With section, row and module spacing, Divi really is a great solution for creating a great mobile experience.

Variety of Looks.

We know what your mobile site needs, you just need to get the right look. We provide a wide range of looks, and if we do not have on in our store that fits your fancy, simply contact us to have one custom made.

User Interaction

Our mobile sites look and feel like a mobile web app. We offer Tap to Call, Tap for Directions and other information that fits perfectly on a mobile device. Check out our Blog for other useful tips.


Need a mobile solution for your personal site or a developer that needs someone to take care of your mobile solutions, simply contact us and we will get you taken care of.

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