This is a great section to use on mobile sites. This section uses blurbs and the code box is within the section so NO global CSS is required.

Pick your icon and colors within the blurb and you are all set. You can be creative and incorporate some great action buttons. These buttons will stay static at the bottom of a mobile device screen. See screen shot for sample.

Remember this is a section, so you can use the “Add from Library” underneath any section, once you have it imported to your library.

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To see the live demo go HERE. (Mobile View)

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In an early 2010 ITU (International Telecommunication Union) report said that with the current growth rates, web access by people on the go — via laptops and smart mobile devices – is likely to exceed web access from desktop computers within the next five years. In 2008 two years prior to the ITU report, tech blogs from several countries wrote about my mobile site services.